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Frequently Asked Questions



What do we do in case of emergency?

If there is a medical emergency please call 911.  If there is an emergency related to the rental please call or text 231-944-6822 or 231-409-2260.

How Far Can I Travel on a Single Charge?

You can usually travel 20 to 30 miles on a single charge depending on driving conditions.

Does a charger come with my rental?

Yes, you will receive a level one charger to use while renting a vehicle from us.  This charger will allow you to charge the Jeep overnight starting the next day with a full battery.

Can I charge in town?

Yes! There are multiple "Fast" chargers in Traverse City and surrounding areas that will charge the Jeep in 2 hours or less.

What happens if my EV batteries die, am I stranded?

No, the Jeeps will automatically switch to gasoline when the batteries run out.

What is the Cancelation policy?

Cancelations made within 72 hours of the rental will receive a full refund, any cancelations within 72 hours will be charged the full rental price.

Are there any extra fees?

No one likes fees, but yes, There is a $300 refundable deposit that will be charged to the renters credit card upon booking, once the Jeep is returned and inspected and all its free contents (Yeti cooler and charger) are verified in the vehicle the deposit is returned.

We get a Free Yeti Cooler?

Well, you can borrow it!  We wouldn't want your snacks to get warm at the beach.  A Yeti Roadie 24 cooler is included in your rental and it even matches your Jeep!

Can we go topless in our Wrangler?

You may remove the top and drive the Jeep topless in the Grand Traverse County and surrounding areas.  If there is a chance that it might rain it's the customers responsibility to seek cover or put the panels back on.  We do offer a rain cover at checkout.

Can the Jeeps get wet?

The Wranglers can get a little wet but they cannot get soaked.  Please treat our Jeeps like your own and have courtesy for the next renter.

Where do I pick up my rental?

We will accommodate your preferred pick up location in the Grand Traverse area.  

How long can I keep the Jeep?

Your adventure rental is for 24 hours. We can work with your schedule, just tell us your preferences during checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can we rent a one-way?

We do not currently offer a one way rental option.

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